Empowering & Equipping Individuals To Share God-Given Gifts digitally

I'm Lauren Jefferson!

I have wear many hats (wife, daughter, co-founder, CEO, entrepreneur, digital marketer, and mentor just to name a few).

BUT my mission in this world is…

To empower and equip individuals to share their testimony and God-given gifts through a digital medium and to expand the kingdom with gospel-minded leaders.

My big dream is to connect people with one another on a deeper level. Long gone are the surface level conversations. I go deep. Read more about who I am and what I do.

How Lauren shares the Gospel Digitally


Copy is king! Connect with your audience on a deeper level and convert more effectively requested action on a page.

Content Marketing

People consume more content in a minute than ever before. That’s why it is so important to develop quality, valuable content that people want to read and engage with. 

Digital Marketing

At the touch of your finger tips, you can access the world. With digital marketing, you can access those “finger tips”.

Email Marketing

There’s an art to email marketing – from the technical side of making sure you don’t end up in the spam folder to creating real connections with your list. 

Community Management

When you feel connected to one another, you tend to stay longer. People crave human connection. That’s where community management comes in.

Business Strategy

Starting a new venture or innovating within your company? Let’s talk about some opportunities that you may not see in your own business.

Lauren's Latest Thoughts

Your coffee-Addicted Straight Shooter

Always with a cup of coffee in hand...

Lauren Jefferson has never been one to sit around waiting for things to happen. She’s a creator, a friend, and someone who is always down for another cup of coffee. 

Lauren is the co-founder and CEO of FocusCopy LLC – a B2B copywriting firm where she delivers clear, concise marketing and sales copy to companies. As a serial entrepreneur, she always in thinking 6 steps ahead with the next project. 

There’s definitely more to come…

She also dabbles in watercolor, making wine bottle candles, & calligraphy.