about Lauren Jefferson

Lauren Jefferson's mission

To empower and equip individuals to share their testimony and God-given gifts through a digital medium and to expand the kingdom with gospel-minded leaders.

Lauren Jefferson has many hats that she proudly wears – Christian, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Digital Marketer, and Entrepreneur. 

She is someone who dives deep, quick – conversation, analytics, friendships, business, etc. Because of that, Jefferson is able to get to the heart of the matter quickly with clarity and focus. Her dad instilled in her these principles. 

Clarity. Focus. Execute. 

She uses those three words to coach individuals and businesses on how to communicate what they know in a way that people will want to pick up the phone and call. 

Her experience in digital marketing has been vast – spanning from product development, web development, SEO, social media, customer service, and member management. As a result, Lauren translates any product or service into something your target audience wants to consume through digital mediums.

About Lauren Jefferson & Her Experience

So… How did she get here? Lauren Jefferson’s experience has always been built on entrepreneurship and jumping all in. 

Most recently, she was the Director of Marketing at The Strategic CFO – a boutique financial consulting and advisory company based in Houston, TX. She began as a marketing intern serving underneath entrepreneur, professor, friend, and founder Jim Wilkinson. His curiosity for learning digital marketing and taking a chance on her sparked a love for everything digital. Within the first month of working with Jim, she launched a membership platform for financial leader tools. From there, she grew into the role owning traffic growth, customer service, product development, sustainability of the company, and brand equity.  She managed all moving parts as it related to Internet sales and coaching workshops. 

Before that, she served at several start-ups including: 

  • WAAVE Stream, Inc. (business development)
  • Fusion Sports Group (market research and product development)
  • Puriphate (Intellectual Property commercialization)

Lauren graduated from the University of Houston with a BBA in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Kinesiology. She was 1 of 40 students in the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston. Wolff Center is the #2 entrepreneurship program in the nation (Princeton). 

How can Lauren Jefferson help?

Four words. One big question. How can I help? 

There are several areas that I can help you in your digital brand or business.

Content marketing


Digital Marketing

Community Management

Email Marketing

Business Strategy

If any of the following describes you, I want to help you:

  • You currently have a blog, but you feel like it isn’t reaching the people you want it to
  • You have a website that has no content strategy and is not growing website traffic
  •  Your blog has an audience and a content strategy, but you are not monetizing it and need help building a product
  • You want to build a membership site (courses, training, etc.)

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